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1.     Copy of birth certificate;

2.     Copy of marriage certificate (if currently married);

3.     Copy of Naturalization papers, if applicable;

4.     Copies of life insurance policies and statements verifying cash surrender values.

      In Addition You should contact the insurance company and request:

          1) the cash surrender value,

          2) a transfer of ownership form, and

          3) a form to surrender the policy.         

Because the surrender value is counted as an asset, we frequently transfer the policy to a funeral home as part of a prepaid funeral, or in certain circumstances recommend cashing the policy in. It helps to request all of these forms at one time;

5.     Copies of any real estate deeds;

6.     Copy of most recent property tax bill and mortgage bill, if any;

7.     Copies of any trusts;

8.     Copies of bank account, stock, bond, IRA and annuity statements going back at least 24 months, they may ask for up to 60 months;

9.     Explanation of any deposits or withdrawals of $1,000 or more, Because MassHealth will ask for copies of checks and explanation of deposits in excess of $1,000, it helps if you get started on this right away;

10.   Copy of Social Security card and check, bank statement or other statement showing current Social Security benefit for applicant (and spouse);

11.   Copies of the front and back of all health insurance cards including Medicare and any supplemental policies AND a copy of the most recent premium invoice;

12.   If applicant rents, a copy of most recent rent receipt;

13.   Copy of homeowners/renters insurance;

14.   Copy of monthly income checks, or statement from income sources (Social Security, pensions, etc.) to verify gross income and monthly deductions;

15.   Listing of all contents of safe deposit box;

16.   Copy of automobile registration;

17.   Copy of burial/funeral arrangements, if any;

18.   Copies of income tax returns for last two years, if any

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